Buck Lake Hunts

Our main lodge has three rooms that accommodate four guests and one room that will accommodate two guests. Hunting parties of at least two are required and parties of three to four are preferred. Guests are bunked with their own parties. Groups of mixed gender are welcome but for the sake of space and privacy only men are bunked at the main lodge. Other accommodations are available. Contact us for availability and arrangements.

Duck Hunts

Prices per person per day:
One day morning hunt $350 per gun min 2 guns or $700
Price includes lodging.
Contact us for group rates or multiple dates.

Guided prices do not include guide tips while not required they are appreciated.

Please bring face mask.

Guided hunts include use of decoys and transportation from the lodge to and from the hunting. Unguided hunts require the guest to provide transportation to and from the blind. (By ATV only.) Decoys are not included with unguided hunts.

A deposit of 50% of the cost of the hunt is required at the time of booking with the remainder due prior to the hunt.

Pit or other permanent blinds are available with limited walking involved in order to reach them. Hunting ducks in the best location often means hunting where the ducks want to be and may require standing next to trees or another form of improvisation. These other options are left to your discression.

We welcome the use of retrievers, but no dogs are allowed in the lodge. We do have accommodations out of the weather for them. Please contact us for details.

We do not guarantee that you will kill ducks as all game we hunt is wild and success depends a great deal on your ability. However, we do everything legally within our ability to ensure your success.

We hunt Thursday through Sunday until noon only, in order to give ducks a chance to rest and allow them to use the holes without pressure. From time to time, weather or other conditions may caused an increase in “new ducks” (increased populations and activity) in our area. At these times we contact our regular and previous customers regarding their interest in such opportunities.


Things to Know

Your gun must be plugged to accept no more than three shells
Anyone under years of age must carry an approve hunter education card
Non-toxic shot is mandatory (i.e. steel, bismuth, etc…)


What to Bring

Mississippi Hunting License
Mississippi HIP Permit
Mississippi Waterfowl Stamp
Federal Waterfowl Stamp
Shot Gun
Gun Case
Camo Clothing
Calls (optional)
Flash Light (optional)
Camera (optional)
Cooler (optional)

Deer Hunts

We are now offering gun hunts for Deer and Hogs. Please call for pricing.

Deer Hunting
Prices per person
Daily hunt and lodging $1,000.
Two day hunt and lodging $1,800.
Three day hunt and lodging $2,500.
Contact us for pricing on hunts over three days
Above hunts are for deer 125 gross inches or less*

Trophy fees:
125-139 gross - $100 per inch over 125 inches*
140-169 gross - $150 per inch over 125 inches*
170 and above gross - $1,500 plus $200 per inch over 125 inches*

*All gross scores will be measured by Buck Lake guide, are based on Boon and Crocket gross dimensions without deduction and without regard to whether or not the rack is typical.


What to Bring

Mississippi Hunting License
Gun or Bow
Gun or Bow Case
Camo Clothing
Scent Free Boots
Scent Safe Bag and Other Scent Safe Products
Hunter orange vests for the gun hunters
Safety Belts Absolutely Required!
Flash Light (optional)
Calls and Rattling Antlers (optional)
Binoculars (optional)
Camera (optional)
Cooler (optional)

Rules & Regulations

Buck Lake Hunting Club wants you to enjoy your stay. We require you to obey by all local, state, and federal gaming laws. This allows for the best hunting for everyone. Mississippi Hunting License and State waterfowl stamp may be purchased with a credit card online by clicking here.